2019 Trafficking In Persons (TIP) Released

For the 19th consecutive year, the Annual Trafficking In Persons report has been released.  Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State, summarized the findings and emphasized the need for a global response to the global crisis of trafficking in persons.  An estimated 25 million people worldwide are suffering from labor and sex trafficking today.  Unlike a natural disaster, says Pompeo, this crisis is caused in its entirety by people, and is an absolute "stain on all of humanity". Pompeo emphasized the involvement and commitment President Trump has to addressing this issue, becoming the first president to attend a task force meeting, designating companies in the "3rd Tier" a refusal of assistance from the United States. Trafficking in Persons heroes around the globe have been named, and eight of them were honored for their relentless and heroic efforts.  Pompeo concluded with the goal of providing "freedom for every victim and justice for every trafficker."