Again The Sun Rises...Amidst The Crisis

From a staff member at The Link Passageways, "Today, as the sun rises on another day of crisis, panic, and the unknown, I am stricken by the harsh realization-- we are living our youths everyday reality--in crisis, panic and the unknown. Our community is living with a sense of worry and anxiety, something our youth know all too well. In times like these is when their light shines the brightest. They are calm, understanding, and care for their peers and staff.

I am humbled by the ability to walk side by side with such great young people who truly know what it means to live through crisis with positivity and grace. Their ability to adapt, their honesty, and most importantly their kindness towards staff and peers alike, is truly the definition of community. This is our community"

Thinking today of the reality of anxiety and fear with which we are all now collectively experiencing, and having the raw realization that this is the reality the youth served at Passageways know all too often each and every day is very humbling. And yet, they are bringing us inspiration today - hearing about how resilient they can be in the midst of this Covid-19 global crisis. They are exercising their learned ability to seek calm, and extend kindness to others in this universal collective storm. This brings me such a sense of admiration to these youth, who have had far too many challenges already, in their young lives, and it gives me assurance that they are getting the care and services they need and deserve, not only during this time, but at all times.

We hope to continue sharing more personal insights with you in the days and weeks to come.

We are all in this together!

Thank you for caring about our community and especially about our youth, and remembering them during this time.