In A Hard Year...

Three years ago this month, we opened up our small little business called SisterSquad. The purpose of creating our company was to empower women with positive messages on apparel, and in turn raise money to donate to organizations that fight against the practice of sex trafficking - especially of youth.
You found us online, you visited us at boutiques, you supported us at your workplace, you attended private hosted events, you told your friends and family about us, and through it all, together we raised awareness of this social injustice! From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for rallying behind our cause, and letting us know that you, too, believe in zero tolerance of the exploitation of children.
We heard you having discussions with your families. You reached out and wanted to learn more. You read our blogs about other ways to get involved and/or to become more informed. Because you cared, you made a difficult topic easier for all of us to talk about. For ALL OF IT, we are so very grateful to you!
The year 2020 has taken a toll on our company, as so many of you have also experienced with your own business or businesses that you choose to support. Our forums for getting out in front of the community just couldn't happen this year, and many of our communications may have gotten lost in the "chaos" we are all experiencing! Therefore, we have reached the very difficult decision to close our online store at the end of December.
We will remain incorporated and will hold onto hope that one day we can resume the work we began.
You can shop with us online at www.sistersquadapparel.com from now until Christmas, and receive a 40% discount off of everything.
We wish you all well and look forward to connecting with you in some way in the future! Stay safe, and always remember that Kindness Matters!
With love,
Susan & Carole