Testimonial from The Link Safe Harbor

Your support of SisterSquad allows us to make generous donations to The Link's Safe Harbor programs and services, giving youth an opportunity to know stability and transition to a happy, healthy adulthood.  A former client and youth staff of The Link, says it best by sharing her story:

"My experience with exploitation or "the life" started by the age of 16.  I had become pregnant with my daughter.  I was kicked out and began couch hopping.  I also slept on park benches when I didn't have anywhere to go.  I starved for days at points in my pregnancy.  I became fed up and needed to make a living for my child.  I was introduced to being exploited and did not see an issue with it because my family OK'd it.  By then I felt that I had no life's purpose.  How wrong was I?

After that "life" was over, I was introduced to The Link; they made me feel like I was family.  I've been working at The Link since I was 19.  My life skyrocketed after that.  They helped me get housing, they helped me legally as far back as getting my child back.  Thanks to The Link, I've found myself before I completely obliterated my future.  I will continue to do the same for other youth and for my children."

Thank you for contributing to the saving of lives just like this who have been exploited and abused.  You ARE making a difference!